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From the remote island of Romblon and desert kingdom of Saudi Arabia and U.A.R., to Hongkong, Singapore, Germany and the U.S.A. as well as Calgary and Montreal, Canada, our Association website has achieved some following, accessing the on-line page with great interest and congratulatory messages. Started only in August, 2000, many alumni seeking to connect and communicate with "long-lost" fellow graduates and batch buddies logged on with curt personal introduction and "coded" notes – an encouraging sign for the site administrators, especially the Webmaster, Eng. Oliver Rey (BSEE’85).

Albeit the webpage has more things to enhance and add in the terms of format and contents, it welcome suggestions as a standing policy for its growth and development. Additionally, it is the established paradigm of the Association to have the Website a forum and a model for continuing dialogue and understanding amongst FEATI University alumni worldwide.



Believing on establishing a good "presence" in the Filipino Canadian milieu, the Association noticeably, has drawn quite a budget outflow towards accelerated advertisement releases. Over a 5-month period, it has placed image-promotion messages in several community organization souvenir programs.



The name Iglesias evokes musical overtones like the famous Julio and Enrique Iglesias. Cielo Iglesias, a good singer in her own right, joined the Executive Board in January 2001. Cielo, a BSECE graduate who works at a Bell Canada subsidiary company is taking over the remaining term of Naty Medina’s director seat. Naty, a long-time member of the Association has relinquished her position to focus more on her many spiritual undertakings. With Cielo’s participation, the Board is expected to bolster its youthful image and a sound roster of future leaders as well. Let’s drink to that.


By: Tony San Juan

Modern technology enthusiasts will likely appreciate that the dot com phenomenon has an immerse impact upon individuals, organizations and society in general. It has opened a lot of possibilities in developing understanding, friendship and fellowship in small time organizations such as ours. A case in point:

Due to the considerable demands from Featineans all over the world who have accessed our website for sometime now, the Association should commence rethinking the feasibility of opening up its membership. In short, expanding its membership rolls.

By this, the Association should evaluate the viability of accepting membership who are not residents of Canada but highly interested in becoming one. Toward this end, the Association should consider the following strategies:

  • Accept and enlist membership into two categories, namely: (1) Canadian membership, and (2) International membership. Canadian or regular members are registered Featineans who are permanent residents of a Canadian province’s or territory. International members are registered Featineans who are residents outside Canada;
  • Amend the current constitutional provision on membership and incorporate the above new membership classification and accordingly;
  • Appoint an expanded membership committee to carry out this mandate.

As a way of encouraging candidates to register and maintain their membership, benefits or merits should be identified and provided to all members. For example: Our Association matters – Certificate of Membership, free subscription to Newsette, free copies to souvenir programs and publications, or invitations to social functions and celebrations; On Immigration and Employment aspects – professional accreditation/licensing advice, job net working or alternative career possibilities. On personal service – guided tour visit, hospitality stay in volunteer hosts, affinity items such as monograms, pins, tees, ball caps, jackets and others.

Should the above initiatives meet the Board’s approval, this proposal should become operational so that interested Featineans could be afforded opportunities of a lifetime – fulfilling their agenda in life and work amidst this age of global village.


Meeting likewise his kinship commitments, Tirso Balitian spent some one-in-a-half months in Pinoy Country and came back in time for Association’s Casino Rama trip on March 11, 2001. He was not exactly happy, though as Tirso fall to the vagaries of heat and gritty life in Manila. After many years here, our body is no longer used to climatic conditions and pressures obtaining in the 7,100 island-archipelago, eh!


The yearly picnic and elections of officers and directors of the Association is scheduled to be held on August 18th, 2001 (Saturday) at the Thompson Memorial Park, Brimley Rd and Lawrence Ave E., former City of Scarborough.

This is the 5th time that the favourite place is the venue for the Association’s family picnic and get-together. Plans are still being discussed to have the annual event a very memorable and successful activity for the guests, friends and families of the general membership.



The Association, being a good sibling, congratulated Featineans, USA on the occasion of their foundation anniversary on March 10, 2001. The message was incorporated in the letter of congratulations to the officers and members of our counterpart organization sent by President Max Recaido, along with the message is a one-page advertisement in the Fil-American’s souvenir program.

Featineans, USA has established linkage with our Association and both Associations are developing mutual interests and pursuing continued communications.



John Reyes, erstwhile secretary of the Association frequently travels in and out of Ontario because of his job as electrical product inspector of the Canadian Standards Association. But joining him always on his many sojourns (actually, "guarding closely a la Jaworski", he, he) is the wife of 28 years, Linda. Featineans remember that about two years ago, John & Linda moved to Vancouver, B.C. when the "man of the house" was assigned by his company. This time, though, it would be for good in Dallas, Texas for John effective May 14th. Good luck!

Not to be outpaced, Rudy Olay, a long-time director of the Association just completed his out-of-town assignment in the West Coast. A month ago, Rudy performed a consultancy task with Fenco-Maclaren Consulting Engineers, his old company. Naturally, Elsa, free of her full-time nursing job, joins Rudy wherever and whenever opportunities are open. We envy you, folks!


The auditor of the Association, Ron Marquez and his family has recently returned from a month long vacation in Pinas. He visited Feati University and was an eyewitness (TV medium) of the changing of guard in Malacanang in January 20, 2001. Asked if he joined anti -or- pro Erap rallies, Ron quipped: "No time for activism, besides my knees and legs are no longer fresh". He added, however, "I enjoyed my holidays.

New Year’s Eve party chair, director Frank Amurao spent the hearty month of February back home. He celebrated with his Nueva Ecija clan an important milestone of a close relative. Frank jestingly reported that on his Makati walking tour, he saw the spitting image of our Tirso Balitian at the Glorietta. Queried if it was really Tirso, Frank said "yes", describing the guy was wearing Tirso’s trademark vest – a la Rico J. Puno. Good imaginations, Frank!




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